Henry Wimborne

Henry died this year.  He used to attend Barnet Green Party meetings with support from his family who thought that the interaction was good excercise for his brain during dementia.  His last meeting began with introductions and welcomes and was the meeting of Francesco's election as Barnet Greens' first Youth Officer.  Henry was a member of the Young Communist League in Hampstead.  He was told never to apply for a job with the British Government again.  He attended Oxford.  He then worked as headmaster of a school in Ghana.  And then, of course, inspired by the Green Vision of "nationalise everything" as he put it, he joined us.

Here is a quote from Noel's Blog on Henry
"I am honoured to speak of Noel Lynch’s suitability to take a seat in the London assembly.

I have known Noel as a friend for some twenty years and since I joined the party some three years ago, in his capacity as a leading member of the East Finchley Group. Should he be successful in obtaining election to the Assembly it will be to the benefit of all. He is able, courteous and trustworthy, dedicated to perform that which he promises.
Henry Wimborne M.A. Cantab Llb Hons Lond. Dip. Ed Oxon.
(A keen leafleter, at 94 Henry is the Green Party’s most senior activist)"

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