a political weekend

If you're not into politics maybe you want to look away now.  This weekend I have had the parental home to myself as my parents were abroad.  I celebrate the Jewish Sabbath when I can but sadly I was too late on Friday to attend a service welcoming the Sabbath. I cycled all the way to the civic centre to drop age tin my expenses form as election agent for Hertsmere Green Party branch.  I woke early on Saturday and went to the action day in my borough where all the regulars helped. I brought a printed Green Activist for one who doesn't get email. I also printed a resource from Chris Williams workshop at Conference on target to win, to give to our election agent. Then the Chair and I did a doorknock of Puller Road. I got chatting with an interesting guy at the end, and Francesco woke up at the time it finished. So then I went to lunch in West Hendon and made Kiddush, the holy prayer over wine for the Sabbath. we discussed gardens, wildlife, and the London cycling campaign.
Sunday after doing the Garden and seeing off my house guest Martin Colins (with whom I discussed the Manifesto's origins before internet) to his meeting, I went to Brighton following an appeal to help. I am not sure I would describe today as full steam ahead. I attended a workshop by Hanover Action training Frackoff activists in direct action skills. I looked at the letter David Gibson sent out to the ward, wandered the ward wearing a vote green (or the planet gets it) and went straight home by train. There is an interesting piece in the Observer about "don't lose the plot" and the Watford development threat to the farm allotments.

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