then 3 come along at once

What an eventful lunchbreak.  I haven't heard the results of the vote yet and will phone the clerk to the governing body (Ext 185 on a Monday) to ask how many votes I got.

B A (I think that's his second initial) in Animal Care (I think) was suspended for getting caught with an alleged roll-up this morning.  The other dope-smokers seem to know a lot about it.
Someone threw an egg at us (gazebo / smoking area).  I'll load the photo evidence later.  I'm not sure which it was, but I know what both of them look like.
Nikki, who looks like Chloe without the braces, ran after them yelling and a L1 Animal care tutor came along.
I saw David heading towards the scene of the crime as well.  Some hot drinks were involved too.

There is not enough to do at lunch break but I don't agree that clamping down, or throwing eggs at the smoking area, is an adequate long term solution.  BA should definitely not be expelled, though that is not college policy.  He has the right to a phone call, and texted a friend, but is not picking up. 

Afternoon with Bob now, business studies.

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