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I am Ben and I will bring plenty of momentum for an activist of only 25 years of age!
I am still on the London 2012 reserve list, and to do so I printed and posted 1000 leaflets, stickers and climate change report extracts.  I will be representing the Green Party values of Environment, Peace, and Social Justice, as I did when I represented 30,000 students, or when I earned 356 local votes in 2010.

In London, the mental environment is crowded so it is vital to be on message especially in this high-profile position.  For example, I have up my sleeve a number of open source cinema nights planned for Tuesday October 18th 2011.

In my local Green Party, I have been minutes secretary since January.

As a green policy geek: The first step to the green deal is to prioritise jobs with every decision.  I hope those extra jobs will be funded by the Green Investment Bank.
On air pollution, thanks to the Barnet Green Party, they did not abolish the Tally Ho air monitoring station.  I could go on about street trees.  Traffic congestion is a big problem.  That's why Greens in London have tripled our walking and cycling funding.  The Tories wish to frame our policy as a threat to motor vehicles, but Jenny Jones' proposals for safe off-road cycle routes would be worth the hassle and create work for engineers. All this should create a few green jobs.

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and my mobile number is 07948480070

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